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​Welcome to our website. Here at Lakeland Towing we like to make sure that we run a pretty tight ship. This is because we have all of the tools and the minerals to succeed so there is really no reason why we shouldn’t. Now, we are not so sure what makes our success so consistent but we think it is down to a few key ingredients that we always make sure are part of the pot.

About Us
The team we have around us really are exceptional. Recently, because we have started to expand, we have taken on some more members of staff who are growing quickly and loving every second of it. However, in the past, we have been made up of a select group of core members. This is because we are a very close team and it has made us have a complete trust for each other. It is something that we have not taken for granted. We would probably run into battle together if we needed to – that is the kind of relationship we have. 

Lakeland Towing Company

Our Services

​The services that we offer are all a based around towing. But more than that, they are based around vehicles. That is why we have set up this site here for you – to show you that we are capable of doing many things including roadside assistance and parking enforcement as well. Keep on reading below!

towing service

​Tow Service

This is a towing service, plain and simple. We are there to make sure that you don’t get into a fix without a friend to call upon. We want to be that friend. So, if you need pulling out of somewhere or pulling into somewhere, we will make sure that you have the manpower and the horsepower to get the move the you need. Please visit this service page to find out how it all works and to see what the best ways of getting in touch are. We are there for you when you need us!

roadside assistance

Nobody likes being stuck at the side of the road. Because of this, we are sure that you are going to want to make sure that our number is saved on your phone for when the time comes. Here’s the thing, although it may not have happened to you yet, everyone is likely to get stuck at the side of the road every now and then. You may as well make sure that you are well prepared in the event of an emergency. We are there to take care of the rest. 

“Motor club towing, RV/ Recreational Towing, car transport, repossession and much much more. What is not to love? Lakeland Towing Bros (Lakeland FL) is finally up to scratch. Use it!” – Leonardo Capri

wrecker service

Our full wrecker is the crowning jewel in an otherwise pristine collection! We are very proud of the work that these guys can do and we want to make sure that it continues this way. No matter the size of your vehicle or the job at hand, we are certain that we will be able to make sure that you are pulled and pushed in all of the right directions. It is our pleasure to be able to do this for you and we hope that you feel like the lucky recipient of a great job well done!

flatbed service

​Flatbed Service

The term flatbed is descriptive of a kind of towing that can occur. It is not a word used to describe greek pita that meet goes in between. Instead, it is the nature of the towing that is important here. The flatbed services that we offer are great for the kind of thing that they are designed to do, it really is as simple as that. Visit this service page to find out more and to work out the best way to get in touch with us. 

“We all need a good winching every now and then. These guys love doing it. Their commercial fleet towing, impound, recovery, junk car removal and equipment transportation are second to none. Give them a call today! It is about time we had some cheap towing service Lakeland FL.” – Jimmy Dea

heavy duty truck

Here they are the big guns! We are very proud when we roll out these babies and you will be able to hear them before you see them, trust us! So, if you have ever thought you might need a heavy duty towing job at some point, or you have a large vehicle and you want to make sure that you are playing it safe, the heavy duty towing service that we operate will be perfect!

parking enforcement

Parking is a fantastic invention and the way that we have made sure that parking is implemented well throughout our towns and cities is just staggering. We really do take it for granted. Until, there is someone who likes to bend the rules, making it difficult for everyone else involved. These guys are the worst and we want to make sure that we are there to help get you on the track to a more pleasant day again. Get in touch to find out more! 

Calling on all tow truck companies near me, you are no longer needed! There is only once contractor in the area who is ready and able to be there for you when you need them. These guys are the best and I will always recommend them. Lakeland Towing Bros and tow truck service Lakeland FL have disbanded. I am pretty sure tow truck company Lakeland FL when last year. However, these guys are in it for the long run, you can trust them!” – Brad Pi

Contact Us For Assistance

​Please do not hesitate to call us! We are always happy to hear from old customers and new ones alike and we would be very happy to accept your email, to take your call or to meet you face to face if the circumstances allow.